5 Popular Artificial Grass Types that Are used as Football Turf

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5 Popular Artificial Grass Types that Are used as Football Turf

Types of Artificial Grass For Football Turf

Football has always been a popular sport. The rapid growth of the world has taken away the large grounds of playing football. These are now, either a shopping mall or a parking lot. In this scenario, many agencies offering sports court construction services came up with a unique idea of football turfs. This different type of artificial football oval construction started when the FIFA association allowed the use of synthetic grass in football pitches along with a set of rules and guidelines. They also circulated a list of the types of artificial grasses that can be used in these football turfs.


  • AstroTurf
    This was invented in 1996. This particular type of grass was not player friendly. But with the advancement of technology, 3D AstroTurf was developed with more durability. It uses rubber crumb fill which gives it the desired durability.


  • Hybrid Turf
    It is a blend of natural grass and artificial fibres. With fibre around 3% of the total surface area, hybrid turfs cop up with all the FIFA association requirements. Thus it has gained recognition around the world as one of the most reliable turfs to make football turfs.


  • Field Turf
    It is a brand new type developed through cutting edge technology. It is a perfect imitation of the natural grass, made with the mix of polyethylene blades with crushed tires. It is less costly which makes it more famous.


  • Green Touch
    Another ideal product that can be used for the construction of football turf is the Namgrass. This is what green touch is. It offers innovative curled nylon fibres. This is as soft as the natural grass and provides a greenish touch which is the main reason for the derivation of that name. It has a uniquely dense structure making it reliable for home lawns and other kinds of uses.


  • Green Meadow
    This is generally soft and has high durability. This type has gained its fame as an adequate practice pitch. 

Well, football can be played on any of these types of grasses, but you will never get that actual feel of playing on natural grass.

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