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A Complete Guide About Creating A Backyard Football Field
August 5, 2020
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Purpose & Uses Of A Sports Field Fence
October 8, 2020

Easy And Important Guide About Cricket Pitches Behavior

Easy and Important Guide about Cricket Pitches Behavior

As the captains of the two opposing teams head to the pitch for the toss, TV commentators begin discussing the state of the pitch and how they believe it will behave for the duration of the match. Sometimes, the consensus is that the pitch will be great for batting while on other occasions, the pitch is great for bowlers, and still on other days, the same pitch may support spinners rather than seamers.

At the time of cricket pitch installation, the pitch construction services company takes into account the requirements and accordingly installs the pitch. However, several other factors come into play for the way a cricket pitch behaves.

The Pace of the Bowl

Sometimes, grounds curators may ask sport court construction services to install a hard pitch. Such pitches are considered ideal for seamers as the ball flies after being pitched. A hard pitch is considered great for fast bowlers, and if the pitch has some grass growing on it, the fast bowlers will be able to skid a new ball off the pitch.

Swing and Seam Movements

When the pitch has a lot of grass growing on it, it assists swing bowlers to move the ball in the air and the same also holds for seam bowling. When there is grass growing, it means the pitch also has moisture and together they help swing and seam bowlers.

Secret Behind a Spinning Pitch

When the pitch is dusty and worn out, it offers the perfect surface for spin bowlers to spin the ball. Usually, this happens as the game progresses and the pitch surface develops cracks and gets dry with exposure to the sun. It has also been observed that the ball tends to spin when the wicket has a bit of moisture and then begins to get dry.

Understanding the importance of pitch behavior is crucial as the team captain and the coach select the team players based on their reading of the pitch. Usually, then the pitch is dry and humidity levels are low, the toss-winning team should bat first in a test match. On the other hand, if humidity is high and the pitch has grass, the team should bowl first and get quick wickets. These predictions may not always be accurate but that is what adds to the fun and surprise element to the game.

The behavior of the pitch is important for both teams. That is why when it comes to cricket pitch installation in Albury, the groundskeeper will always try and get a pitch installed that is favorable for the home team.


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