Important Things To Consider Before Installing A Tennis Court In Your Backyard

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Important Things To Consider Before Installing A Tennis Court In Your Backyard

Install A Tennis Court In Your Backyard

There are several factors to take into consideration before deciding on installing a tennis court in the backyard. A tennis court will require a lot of space and some more around the court for proper landscaping and drainage, for the maintenance, after installation.

The regular-sized court is about 60’ by 120’; the soil of the backyard will contribute as it has to be stable and also the land must be level, or will need to be levelled for the installation, which can result in additional costs for the work. Places that are considered to be high water tables may require additional installation of proper underground drainage. It is imperative to avoid areas of sunlight angles and opt for a north-south alignment to avoid the harshest sunlight for the court.

There are four main options for the tennis court surface, and the most popular ones being dirt, grass, concrete, and clay. Conventionally, tennis court installation will be done in darker colours to ensure better visibility for the ball during the game and also decrease the glare from the sun, which can affect the players adversely.

Before making any decisions, it is prudent to know that tennis court lighting is always installed 20 feet above the court. The lighting nowadays is customised to enable it to light the court perfectly, yet not illuminate any other area. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the bright lights shining into the neighbours’ house.

The basic fencing is there primarily to keep the ball within the court; the height should ideally be set at 10’, and materials must be discussed with the tennis court builders beforehand.

In case the court has been installed where it receives sunlight for most of the day, then it is imperative to install proper shades. Common ones include concrete and paver slabs, fabric awnings can be easily mounted on the court for easy hassle-free installations. If the area is windy then installing a windscreen may be necessary for a fair game.

Hitting wall
Although this is not essential many homeowners opt for this installation in their backyard courts. It is best suited for practice or warm-ups and a retaining wall can also serve this purpose.

These are the main factors you should consider before installing the courts; proper planning and will ensure a fast and easy installation by court builders for the best professional job.

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