Important Things To Know About Sports Field Lighting

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Important Things To Know About Sports Field Lighting

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When planning on building a sports arena, there are many factors you should consider — such as the equipment, the venue, among others. Most arena owners think about the matter of lighting only once the stadium has been built. However, to create an impeccable gaming experience, you need to reflect upon it right from the start. The best way to overcome any shortcomings of stadium lighting is to plan it extensively during the design stage itself. This helps to come up with a construction process that will integrate the lighting in a cohesive manner. For example, it helps to choose the kind of sports lighting you need, how many light posts and light fixtures, the height for installation, etc. So, let us look at all the factors you need to consider while planning sports field lighting in Albury.

1. Closed stadiums have high lighting requirements.
In general, if the stadium is bigger, the rate of movement of the players is faster. And, if the ball is smaller, the illumination standard needs to be higher, such as in the cases of table tennis, badminton and tennis. Further, the lighting should be done in such a way that it does not obstruct the view of the players in close proximity to the ball or the opponent. For athletes, the light should be arranged in such a way that their running path is visible without any obstruction or diffraction of light — a horizontal illumination of 150 to 300 lux provides them with adequate lighting. For high activity sports, such as basketball and football, the required lighting is in the range of 500 to 800 lux.

2. Sports field lighting must also consider the requirements of the fans in the stadium.
According to sports court fence installation service providers, the kind of lighting that the audience requires varies from the kind of sports field lighting needed by the players or athletes. An athlete is inside the arena and is very close to all the action. So, even a lower level of lighting can suffice the vision demands of the athlete. The purpose and subsequently, the position of an audience is, however, different. They are there to watch and enjoy the game. So, in relative terms, their field of vision is farther away than the player, and their viewing point is comparatively static. As the player moves, so do the audience’s line of sight. Hence, the lighting requirement increases as the distance of viewing of the audience increases. Therefore, illumination plays a vital role in enabling the audience to see the proceedings.

3. Proper sports field lighting is needed for TV broadcasts.
According to expert sports court builders, the emergence of colour TV broadcasting has resulted in the rapid popularisation and promotion of sports as a medium of entertainment throughout the world. In simple terms, videography and photography are two distinct elements, and colour TV broadcasting requires a higher level of lighting and illumination in comparison to photography.

Videography records the high-action scenes, movies or photos through moving films. The effects or the final result of the videography mainly depend on different aspects such as colour rendering, clarity and exposure.

By taking the above factors into account, you can provide suitable lighting to the sports stadium for players to play uninterrupted and for the audience to enjoy every moment of the game without any disruptions. Building a stadium is a long-term investment, so you must make sure that it performs excellently by supporting the players and giving a good game to the audiences with the perfect lighting.

If you need to consult with expert sports court builders on lighting or are looking for other services, such as sports court fence installation in Albury, you must visit Riverina Sports now.

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