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June 9, 2020
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A Complete Guide About Creating A Backyard Football Field
August 5, 2020

Useful Tips To Make Your Own Ideal Backyard Cricket Pitch

Tips for Ideal Backyard Cricket Pitch Installation

It is not feasible for most professionals to create the best cricket pitch in the backyard, as most professionals will charge exorbitantly for their expertise. This is why it is crucial to understand the fundamentals to create the best cricket pitch at home, without hassle.


The first and foremost factor that has to be considered is the available space in the backyard; if the space is very small, it is prudent to consider setting the cricket pitch at an angle, to accommodate the maximum space for comfortable games.


A large backyard for cricket pitch installation ensures there is ample space for the batsman to strike; however, smaller backyards have to ensure that the direction of the play, based on the placement of the pitch, should be away from the house to not hit the ball toward the house. The house can sustain damage, such as breaking windows and other delicate architectural structures.


Without professional assistance, it is crucial to opt for the right tools for the maintenance of the ground. Making a pitch is simply not enough and to get the best pitch and maintain for great games, it is important to have the right tools to ensure that the field is compact. A garden mower, a good hose pipe, and roller besides rakes and spades are the bare minimum required for the optimal maintenance.

Grass pitch

The requirement of the backyard pitch is not very different from the quality of the pitch for matches. The grass and the topsoil compaction are crucial, which is why it is imperative to have good top dressing soil for ample compaction for successful matches. Mowing the grass regularly as well as taking the grass off the spinning wicket is essential for the best games. Bunning’s bricks and plaster sand are great for compaction for backyard pitches.


As with most things in life, maintenance is the key to a nice backyard pitch. Mowing the lawn regularly, besides watering when the soil is parched or fertilizing, and compaction of the soil when gaps appear is essential to continue enjoying the pitch without hassle.

Therefore, a cricket pitch installation in Albury and surrounding areas is not difficult if the above-mentioned steps are followed. It will ensure the best result and successful games at home.


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