Why Do You Need To Maintain Your Tennis Court

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Why Do You Need To Maintain Your Tennis Court

Maintain Your Tennis Court

Tennis is a racket sport played between two individuals (singles) or between two teams of two players each (doubles). A tennis court is of four main types, namely clay courts, hard courts, grass courts, and carpet courts. Usually, the dimensions of a tennis court are 78 feet long and 27 feet wide (for singles); 36 feet wide (for doubles). A tennis net is stretched across the full width of the court. It is 3 feet high.

To ensure that a safe and good game of tennis is played on your court, sports field maintenance is very important. Many factors come under maintenance that can become the reason for a bad quality court, in-turn leading to a not very great game.

Following are some measures you can apply to ensure the upkeep of your tennis court: –

      • The surface angle of your court and smoothness affect the angle of a bouncing ball greatly. Hence, the swing of the ball on different kinds of courts- hard, grass, clay, etc. – is different. Different levels of smoothness lead to different speeds, bounce angles, etc. players need to take into consideration all such factors before playing their game. Things like spills, debris, trash, dirt, rain, dust, etc. affect the smoothness and leveling of your court.


      • The most basic and best way of tennis court maintenance and to avoid getting court fixtures too often is sweeping it regularly. A court that is not swept regularly will lead to an uneven surface. An irregular surface will lead to a change in ball angles, which will not be a positive factor about your court.


      • As the keeper of the court, it is your responsibility to ensure that the players don’t face any problems in their game or injuries because of the court. It is mandatory to tend to cracks or holes from time to time. If things like slippery mold, mildew on the court surface, leaves, or debris are left unattended, players can face injuries.


      • To ensure that your players are getting a safe tennis court, take a regular walkthrough well before the game.


      • A well-kept tennis court is always more pleasing to the eye and attractive. Making sure you repaint surfaces if the paint is fading or repainting markings are the most basic measures.

Taking care of your tennis court is going to be beneficial to both you and the players. Good care of your tennis court can also be a good marketing strategy.

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