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From athletic tracks to netball courts to multi-purpose sports, we offer a wide range of unique, decorative solutions that will enhance the quality of your project in every way.

Get the highest levels of performance, texture, longevity, and athletic capability out of your hard court system. Plexi Hardcourt has the perfect components to deliver professional, competition-quality courts at the speed and comfort level desired.

Plexicushion® System combines the bounce, sure footing, and outstanding durability of Plexipave® with innovative shock-absorbing properties of EPDM rubber cushioning.

The sub-surfacing system is made from SBR and EPDM rubber granules, compressed plastic particles and special mineral fibers bound by special water-based polymers.

Convenience and quality come together as one with our Plexi Portable courts. Perfect for quick turnaround events, we make it possible to install a court ready for Grand Slam gameplay anywhere in the world in just hours.

Choose from a variety of the most popular decorative colours or we can customise to meet your specific requirements.

Take your court to the next level with this all-weather overlay ideal for repairing cracked or worn courts. The patented manufactured composite uses a standard acrylic to form an extremely durable, protective coating that helps your court surface outlast extreme elements.

PlexiFlor acrylic coating is formulated to go directly over concrete or asphalt. Known for its all-weather durability and non-abrasiveness, it is easy to maintain and comes in a variety of bold colour options.

Rebound Ace

Sports surface systems are not only safe but applicable to a variety of sports. Netball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, futsal, gymnastics and cricket athletes have all benefited from our award-winning, multi-layered cushion design.

Synpave is one of the industry’s highest performing solutions for tennis, netball, basketball, pickleball courts and other multi-sports. Twelve vibrantly pigmented colors impress with bright, vivid hues and UV stability. We highly recommend this product for school and park installations.

Cricket Wicket utilises Rebound Ace® exclusive mat technology to mimic the comfort and bounce of a natural wicket area. It is an all-weather, no-fuss solution that artificial and natural turf has yet to recreate.

The surface incorporates a 7 mm rubber mat for greater player comfort and natural ball spin and is coated with textured acrylics. Cricket Wicket is available in 15m and full-length pitches and can be up to 2.4m wide.

Rebound Ace® Mat Systems offer the ultimate level of cushioned comfort and shock absorbency. Utilising a polyurethane, prefabricated mat, Rebound Ace® Mat Systems offer the highest shock absorbency on the market.

It’s designed to handle extended play and fits in perfectly with the lifestyle of a dedicated athlete. The surface is finished with Synpave’s Ultra Top Coat and is available in 12 beautiful, bold colours.

A liquid rubber cushion that enhances the performance and durability of the sport surface.

  1. Concrete or Asphalt Base
  2. Basecoat X2
  3. Liquid Rubber Coats 2-6
  4. Liquid Rubber Coats 2-6
  5. Filler Coat X2
  6. Player Surface X2 with Line Marking

The Impact line was designed to handle the hours and hours of practice needed for athletes. This flexible, non-abrasive surface uses special water-based impact-resistant technology that lowers the risk of injury and strain on muscles and joints.

Features like consistent ball bounce, resiliency to wear and tear, and pressure marks make this a popular choice for indoor sports as well as school and college halls, and assembly centres.

The portable courts were built to accommodate quick exhibition matches in high profile venues that require quick turnover.

Suited for events like Davis and Fed Cups, the entire surface is stored in a single container and can be installed in about three hours by a small team. The precoated, interlocking system offers premium cushion and comfort while maximising performance.

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