Top Dressing Sand

Top Dressing Sand

Level your playing field with our Top Dressing Sand. Delivery, installation, and maintenance services are provided for Private & Community, Sporting Fields, Golf Courses, Parks, Schools and more.

What is Top Dressing?

When performed properly as part of a comprehensive management strategy, top dressing may provide sports fields and golf courses a variety of advantages.

Spreading a layer of sand on the turf surface then levelling it out filling the low spots.

Why Top Dress?

  • To level the ground to provide an even playing field, which also reduces injury and impact on the player's bodies while on the field.
  • Improves soil health. The sand provides organic nutrients, increases water and nutrient holding capacity resulting in fewer amounts of artificial fertilisers required.
  • Helps increase grass coverage in winter, is more resilient to wear and tear of ovals, long-term helps provide increased root depth, and water infiltration/drainage and reduces compaction.
Top Dressing Sand Products Riverina Sports Albury
  • Proven performance on competitive sports fields improves bounce and resiliency for ball sports.
  • Rejuvenates turf without having to pull up grass, as the grass grows through the layer of topdressing sand the organic matter is incorporated into the soil beneath it, adding nutrients and improving soil quality.


  • Private & Community Sporting Fields
  • Golf Courses
  • Parks
  • Schools
The sand tests up at 6.5PH. It’s a USPGA tested sand, Sandy loam and we use low-impact machinery to spread the sand on ovals and play areas.
Riverina Sporting Services

For over 20 years Riverina Sporting Services have designed and built some of the finest courts and fields all over NSW and Victoria for clubs and private clients.

As a full construction company, we carry out all the work ourselves with very little subcontract work.

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The Sports and Play Industry Association is the peak industry body for sports and recreation construction in Australasia. Our members are specialists in the design, construction, installation, maintenance, manufacture, supply and testing of sports and play spaces, both domestic and commercial.

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